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Тема сообщения: Он-лайн турниры по шашкам!  СообщениеОтправлено: Июль 15, 2013 - 02:51 PM

Зарегистрирован: Мар 30, 2007
Сообщений: 5045
Откуда : Ukraine, Kharkiv
Он-лайн турниры по шашкам-100.
Главный приз - поездка на любой турнир по выбору: Испания, США, Китай, Турция, Франция...
Также дургие призы: шашечные программы, журналы...

Играйте СЕЙЧАС во время турнира в Heerhugowaard!
там расписание.

Heerhugowaard Open: Online Tournament!
keep calm play draughts suede pillowIt is disappointing for many players that for whatever reason (work, distance, …) can not join the real tournament in Heerhugowaard. In order to give them also the opportunity to get a taste of this event and play for prizes and honour, a series of small Online Blitz Tournaments will be organised simultaneously with the regular rounds in Heerhugowaard.
What can be won?
Every single blitz tournament the following prizes will be awarded*:
1. A year subscription to draughts magazine 'Hoofdlijn'
2. A year subscription to draughts composers magazine 'De Problemist'
3. A free download of the Maximus app, the strongest draughts app!

* Each person can only win one of each of these prizes. If a person wins the tournament and has already won 'Hoofdlijn', then he will receive (together with number 2) a year subscription to 'De Problemist'. If a person has won al three prizes, then he can continue to play for the Heerhugowaard Online cup but will not receive any of the indicated prizes. The prize will then go to the next best player.

In the overall Heerhugowaard Online blitz Cup, the prizes are the following:

The overall winner will be the first title holder "Online Champion Heerhugowaard Open 2013". The winner will also win a very interesting prize: participation, travel and stay into one of the following Open Tournaments*:
Salou Open
Golden Prague
Thailand Open
Heerhugowaard Open
Wageningen World Cup
Nijmegen Open
Brunssum Open
Boboli Bunschoten
Hoogeveen Open
China Open
Curaçao Open
Turkey Open
Albufeira Open
Parthenay Open
US Open
*Participation and costs for these tournaments in principle are guaranteed. Organizers missing their tournament can contact the Heerhugowaard organization, we did not intentionally leave out your tournament and in principle are willing to support the participation of the Heerhugowaard Online Winner in your tournament too.

2-5 place: a license to Turbo Dambase with the 400.000 game database and the strong draughts programm Flits included. or: a license to Kingsrow, the strongest desktop draughts program!
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