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Тема сообщения: Collection makes Dubuque a checker mecca  СообщениеОтправлено: Июль 19, 2015 - 12:03 PM

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Откуда : Vologda
Telegraph Herald. Dubuque, Iowa. Friday, May 23, 1980


Collection makes Dubuque a checker mecca

Start photo by John Barry

John McCormick Circuit writer

Checker Book World owner Don Deweber ponders his next move. The shelves behind him hold part of what is believed to be the largest library of books on checkers in the world.

There is, on the surface, not much to be said about checkers.
A handy little game, nght? A pastime that makes recess bearable on rainy days in fourth grade. Or nudges oldsters along from one hour to the next.

Ah, but there is more to know. Much more.

And most of it rests in an apartment on Dubuque's Hillcrest Road.

The place is called Checker Book World. It is one man's hobby. It has no sign to guide those in search of its trove. But it does have a national, even international, reputation among followers of a board game played for thousands of years.

In short, this little apartment on HilJcrest is making Dubuque the checker book capital of the world. Its thousands of volumes are worth perhaps $75,000. And it is recognized by the American Checker Federation as the home of the best such collection on earth.

Checker Book World belongs to Don and Judy Deweber, ages 42 and 38, native Nebraskas who came to Dubuque a decade ago to run a pet store. Judy later switched to managing a gift shop in Kennedy Mall; Don, slowed by cerebral palsy, spent 1973-78 watching four walls close in on him.
Eton Deweber calls himself an introvert. He is thoughtful and softspoken, just as former high school science teachers like himself are supposed to be. He tells his story carefully, winnowing each detail from a checkers background that began when his right hand played against his left to break the boredom life can Offer a handicapped child,

"I was playing checkers thirty-some years ago, but not very seriously," he says. 'There wasn't much sports-wise that cerebral palsy would let me do.

"Then some of the other kids got me into a tournament in elementary school. I won it. Then I advanced to the city-wide tournament, 1 won that, too. So I was the grade school checkers champ of Hastings, Neb. But that was about it for a long, long time."

Deweber taught school for 10 years - "At every school I had all the kids playing checkers" — and eventually came to Dubuque. He joined the nationwide checker federation, which urged him to enter tournaments played either by mail or in person.

But association members also had told him, "You have to be well-read. The people you'll be playing against will remember, move by move, games they played 30 or 40 years ago."

So, late in 1978, Don Deweber acquired his first book about checkers. "I thought 1 had the game by the tail," he says today, "I didn't know that thousands of books about this have been printed since the first one came out back in 1547- 1 thought I knew it all.

"But it was the beginning of an inspiration, a dream that you see on these bookshelves."

Deweberb devotion was growing. He set up games in his garage to draw the interest of neighborhood children, to encourage their sampling of a game that intrigued him.

"I began to realize that there was so much more to know," he says. "So in February of 1979, I sent out almost 400 letters to antiquarian bookstores, asking if they had any old volumes about the game sitting around. The letters worked. Checker books came pouring in here Like rain."

Eton December's new addiction soon became a financial strain on his and Judy's one-income existence. He found himself squirreling books away beneath couches or in closets, doing whatever he could to keep Judy from discovering how much money he was spending on checker books.

Together they decided that he'd have to sell off his stock. He took out a tiny advertisement in a checker publication — and watched eager buyers utterly exhaust his collection.

This looked promising. So, when one of his antiquarian booksellers offered to sell Deweber another 150 books for $300, Deweber agreed. He sold those books for $2.200 in two months.

Soon he was advertising in booksellers1 trade publications, offering to buy any checker books they had in stock, and closing every deal that sounded reasonable. It was as though a voice in the darkness had said, "Let there be Checker Book World"

Today. Don Deweber's sales advertisements fill entire pages in specialty publications like Checker Player's Delight. He is one of four major checker book dealers in the U.S. Volumes come and go with ever-increasing velocity.

"My customers are in three groups," he says. "Some are checker players looking for the tools of their trade. They want to see how other players have handled difficult game situations. Other customers are looking for bragging rights. They want to be able to say, 'I have a great big libraiy of checker books' Then you have a group devoted to collecting tbese works. They're 'checker bibliomaniacs.' You're looking at one."

Checker bibliomaniacs who latch onto Checker Book World's present catalogue can choose from 1,019 different, offerings. There are predictable titles, like "Scientific Checkers," 'The Modem Encyclopedia of Checkers" and "Secrets of Checkerboard Strategy."

Then there are the more esoteric works, like 'Teetzel's Two-Move Synopsis," "Richterb Compilations of the Five New Openings," and, perhaps most intimidating of all, "How To Read Russian Books On Spanish Pool Checkers.

Deweber's collection all but pushed him and Judy out of their apartments Now he has expanded to a basement storage room and a warehouse.

And so, it would seem, the story ends. But not quite.

Don Deweber heard through the grapevine not long ago that two valuable checker book collections were about to go on the market. One was owned by a Floridian named Irving Windt. The other was owned by a Texan named John Caldwell. Each was priced at about $15,000.

Now Don Deweber owns them both, thanks to some financial maneuvering and some help from a Dubuque bank. His apartment contains not just Checker Book World, but also The John Caldwell-lrving Windt Library of Checkers.

There are etchings. There are scrapbooks. There are nuggets of checkers memorabilia. And, of course, there are books. Thousands of books, dating back to 1650, They are written in a host of languages, and perhaps 95 per cent of them are out of print. The most valuable volume rests in a bank vault. Checker publications call it priceless. There is but one other copy in existence.

"Mr. Caldwell told me, 'Don, when you get my collection, you're getting the largest collection in the world" Deweber says. "And Mr. Windt told me, 'Don, when you get my collection, you're getting the largest collection in the world.

"Now I have both. But I don't care if I have the largest library. That doesn't matter It's a petty thing. We just like to say that we have one of the most complete libraries. If you want to learn the game, the knowledge is here,"

The mention of Don Deweber's name brings a knowing tone to the voice of W.B. Grandjean of Baton Rouge, La. For 20 years he has served as national secretary of the American Checker Federation.

"You know, the Gallup polling organization told us a few years back that 25 million people play our game at least once a year," he says. "Of course, most of them can't really play checkers. We've only identified about 3,000 people in the world who play the game as we think it should be played. To those people, checker book collections are extremely important,"
The Windt and Caldwell collections now resting in Dubuque "are tops in the world, as far as our game goes." says Grandjean, "Windt first, Caldwell second. No question about it.

"I'd certainly like to meet your Mr. Deweber I'm aware of his handicap. He must have an indomitable spirit."

Deweber, who has mastered driving, stair climbing and other types of movement despite his cerebral palsy, puts it в bit more modestly. "Sometimes my legs just won't obey ray commands," he says. "But this is something I can do with my handicap. I can do it for the rest of my years. It has given me a new life."

His voice is impassioned now, and bis blue eyes glisten.

"Really, this is God's Checker Book World. He made it all possible. People from our church assisted us, people from our bank helped us get the collections, business people we don't even know told the bank they'd pay for these beautiful bookshelves.

"Forgive me." he says, catching the voice and drying the eyes. "But it's not me, Don Deweber. who has done all this. It's Dubuque. Everybody pitched in."

Book World is flourishing now. Soon, Deweber hopes, the Caldwell-Irving library will be doing the same. Those collections will not be sold, either piecemeal or as a unit. Rather the world's checker players will be able to рву а $15 annual membership fee and then borrow its volumes by mail.

"The reason for a lending library is simple," Deweber says. "Why should 1 have all these wonderful books to look at? Why shouldn't 1 share this with other people?"

Indeed, Deweber's solicitation sheet for potential library members says in part, "True, there is a lot of satisfaction out of playing a skillful opponent and winning the game with some new variation of a move that was conceived over 100 years before ... But one can not help thinking about checkers in the year 2000 A.D. We must ask ourselves why chess and backgammon are growing by leaps and bounds,

"At what point can we say that we have educated ourselves in the game of checkers, and now it is time to share our knowledge with other generations ... We are keeping others out of the game of checkers."

Don Deweber is doing his best to quash that trend. He still dabbles in the game itself, but he hasn't faced a tournament-quality opponent in two years. "I am certain that there isn't even one other person in Dubuque who has seen a regulation checkerboard," he says. "Its squares are green and buff colored with red and white checkers. That's easier on the eyes than the everyday red and black boards you always see."

In a sense, Don Oeweber's game is secondary to his books. "Last summer, though, 1 got myself downtown, to Ecumenical Towers, and 1 played against people in their 80s and 90s. They're pretty sharp. So 1 taught them some strategies. I think they enjoyed it,"

And now, as always, there is time for the youngsters. "It's funny," says Judy Deweber, who doesn't even play the game. "The kids never forget. In the summer, if they see our garage door go up, they come running. They want Don to play them a game of checkers". ... Herald.htm

Checker champion finds Dubuque 'quiet, friendly’ by Mary Nevans-Pederson

Moiseyev visits friend.

Alex Moiseyev joked about his stay in Dubuque Friday being overshadowed by a presidential visit. After all, Moiseyev is a world champion ... of checkers.

Moiseyev, 45, of Dublin, Ohio, spent less than a day in Dubuque but loved what he saw.

"It's not too small, but it's quiet and friendly. I wish I could live here," said Moiseyev, who reclaimed the world title of "three move" checkers for the United States in 2002 and will try to defend it again in 2005.

Moiseyev came at the behest of Don Deweber, aka Mr. Checkers, who has amassed a vast collection of books and memorabilia on his favorite game at his Hillcrest Road apartment. Recently, Deweber donated his checker library primarily to Loras College and the Cleveland (Ohio) Public Library, with some volumes going to Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque and to Moiseyev. Friday, Moiseyev picked up his books.

The two men, who met in 1996, pored over the checker books, numbering in the thousands, now on shelves in the Loras rare books library. Deweber carefully pulled out rare or unusual copies, including his oldest book, a leather-bound book on checkers written in Granada, Spain, in 1650 by Ivan Garcia.

"So much energy comes from books," said Moiseyev, running his hand lightly and lovingly along a row of book spines. "It's not only information in these, but the thoughts, the souls and spirits of the authors."

He called Deweber's collection one of the best on checkers in the world.

Though he hated to part with the books he has found and protected for years, Deweber is happy that they will continue to be treasured.

"It's nice to know someone who appreciates them will get them and use them," he said. He still maintains an extensive checker museum in his apartment.

Moiseyev holds the world title for "three move restriction" checkers, wherein the first three opening moves are dictated by the random drawing of cards. Most Americans are more familiar with freestyle checkers. Ron King, of Barbados, holds that world title.

Copyright 2004 Telegraph Herald The above article taken from the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, May 8, 2004.
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Тема сообщения:   СообщениеОтправлено: Окт 23, 2011 - 02:51 PM

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Бывают же шашечные книги(раритеты) и по 100 и по 200 евро...и дороже...
а в среднем просят меньше 10 евро...
Коллекционеры знают цены.....А у тебя Юрий подход к книгам как к колбасе;свежая или старая.... Confused
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Тема сообщения:   СообщениеОтправлено: Окт 23, 2011 - 11:49 AM

Зарегистрирован: Май 12, 2007
Сообщений: 6057

Юра за 20.000 евро НИЧЕГО нормального в центре Польши ни купишь.....разве что халупу.
Наверно в списке есть раритеты.И наверно кому-то нужно.
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Тема сообщения:   СообщениеОтправлено: Окт 23, 2011 - 11:37 AM

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Откуда : Ukraine, Kharkiv
Aleko писал(а):
Трудно будет продать. Не воображаю, кто может себе позволить враз расстаться с 20.000 евро.

Это ж опт! 5 штук по идее уйдёт.
ну 7-8.
10 уже много!
За эти деньги можно квартиру купить в центре Польши)
а тут старые, никому не нужные 2000 журналов и книг.
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Тема сообщения:   СообщениеОтправлено: Окт 23, 2011 - 11:29 AM

Зарегистрирован: Авг 28, 2002
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Откуда : Вильнюс
Трудно будет продать. Не воображаю, кто может себе позволить враз расстаться с 20.000 евро.
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Тема сообщения:   СообщениеОтправлено: Окт 23, 2011 - 10:52 AM

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Откуда : Ukraine, Kharkiv
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Тема сообщения:   СообщениеОтправлено: Окт 23, 2011 - 10:32 AM

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Жена и сын Зигмунта Павлицкого объявляют о продаже шашечной библиотеки .
Они готовы продать, но только в полном объеме(всю библиотеку СРАЗУ в одни руки). Минимальная цена составляет 20.000 евро.

Моя электронная почта:
Jacek Pawlicki.
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Тема сообщения:   СообщениеОтправлено: Авг 31, 2011 - 04:59 PM

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Как я уже писал ,недавно умер Зигмунт Павлицки . Он был большим колекционером шашечной литературы .Возможно у него была одна из самых больших библиотек шашечной литературы в мире!
Я нахожусь в контакте с женой и сыном. Они хотели бы продать ВСЮ полную коллекцию в ОДНИ РУКИ. Если кто-то заинтересуется - обращайтесь непосредственно ко мне.В списке около 2000 изданий книг и комплектов журналов !
Напоминаю ;Только целая коллекция может быть продана в одни руки.
Моя электронная почта:
Jacek Pawlicki.
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Тема сообщения: Коллекция шашечной литературы.  СообщениеОтправлено: Авг 31, 2011 - 04:45 PM

Зарегистрирован: Май 12, 2007
Сообщений: 6057

As I already inform (viewtopic.php?f=65&t=2130&start=120) Zygmunt Pawlicki passed away.
He was a great draughts-literature collector. It is (may be?!) one of the biggest collection in the World!

I'm in touch with his wife and son. They like to sell full collection. If somebody is interested in - please contact me directly. There are 2000 positions on the list! ONLY WHOLE collections can be sold.
My email:
Jacek Pawlicki.

Последний раз редактировалось edvardbuzinskij в Авг 31, 2011 - 05:03 PM; всего редактировалось 3 раза
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